Please tell everyone what your cluster is doing to achieve your NZC implementation goal.


Marama Stewart who leads the Taihape NLC is doing some great work bringing her school's values into the childrens' learning. It's worth visiting her webpage to see this, but she has given an explanation of her work on her cluster page too.

Here are a couple of questions that emerged from the recent ERO evaluation of how schools are using the NZC principles and teaching as inquiry process.
Click here to get a copy of the report.
Directions for Learning: The New Zealand Curriculum Principles, and Teaching as Inquiry May 2011 : 22/07/2011

Teaching as Inquiry evaluation starts on P25.
1. How are you building deeper understandings of teaching as inquiry and how this relates to improving student outcomes?
2. How are you using research more effectively as an input into the teaching as inquiry process?
It would be great to hear from you all about how you are making use of this process within your clusters.