Doug Drysdale's page

A recent publication from Learning and Teachng Scotland that you might find interesting, particularly the bits on Assessment and ICT developments.

Connected - Moving Education Forward (Summer 2010)

I have found some of the resources from this site quite useful over the past few years.

Google for Educators

Learning and Teaching Scotland

Designing Curriculum

This is the Scottish equivalent to our TKI site - explore the site.

The resources on assessment are quite interesting as well.

Curriculum for Excellence - Assessment

Ewan McIntosh is worth looking at as well. He deals with the digital world more but there are some links to curriculum development for the future.
Ewan McIntosh

Stephen Heppell shares some interesting ideas as well that you may be able to use for discussion starters. He is going to be speaking at ULearn10.
Stephen Heppell

Glow is the Scottish equivalent to TKI. Explore the various links and see what is happening across the other side of the world.
The aim is to offer a simple step by step guide on using Glow to enhance learning and teaching.
These examples are lifted from real use and set out the Glow components used (ingredients) and how they were utilised in a particular context (recipe) and finally the impact upon learning (end product).

Glow Cookbooks