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Colyton School
Bunnythorpe School
Apiti School


Kainui NZ Curriculum Project Cluster – 2010 Our Story so far.

Purpose of the project for 2010 is for our schools to develop an online resource that shows our journey in developing our School Curriculum and ways that we are working towards introducing the standards.

The schools involved in this cluster are:
Bunnythorpe School - Lead School
Mount Biggs

Initial Discussion was held with Heather Bell 01.06.2010 at Bunnythorpe School.

Our task will be for each school to develop some form of Online Content: (3 – 4 min) where each school will explain the curriculum framework developed so far for use within their school.

Talk about the journey taken
· brief outline
· what is being done with it

Evidence of the framework from the classroom
· teachers
· students

Discussion as to how this might link to standards

When we talk about evidence of achievement it is mainly through using diagnostic tools. Our thrust will be on developing the observational and conversational aspects. As we are an ICT PD Cluster it will be good to use digital technology to develop this resource.

Make links to our school Wiki sites as a separate page and have it password protected so that it is only visible to us. The aim will be to build this up over Term 3 / 4 and have it ready to go live at the end of November beginning of December.

Think about developing a digital diary
· U Tube
· Voice Thread with several layers

Heather might be able to help us develop the digital aspects of our resource.

Explore using Voice Thread as a way of developing moderation across the cluster schools without the need of physically meeting each time. Examples of work can be put up in Voice Thread and comments, questins added by those who have access to the group. Video clips etc can be added – worthwhile exploring further.

Google Wave – this can be used as a group discussion tool. The other option is to set up a group within Google to share information and work on documents.

Time Frame: 2010
Term 2/3:

Introductory Workshop – Wednesday 30th June Bunnythorpe School 9.30 – 12.00
Introduction to the technologies that we can use for this project:
Google Wave - online discussions
Google Group – keeping up to date
Google Docs – online editing
Voice Thread - sharing ideas, moderation samples etc.

Kainui NZ Curriculum Cluster - 2010

Individual School Stoories – Encourage discussion of processes used.
Schools work on gathering the information, evidence etc.

Add a NZ Curriculum page to Wiki’s as a place to store the information etc. – Set this page up so others outside your school can not see it because it is really only a storage place initially.

Information can include:
School framework
How you got there
Evidence from the classrooms
Where to next
How will you know when you get there?

Term 4:
Collating and putting it all together

Workshops/Meetings coming up this term:

Tuesday 19th October - Awahou School 1.30 pm. Work on adding to our Wiki. What is happening with curriculum review?

Thursday 28th October - Perry Rush an evening session available for BOT/Principals/parents

Friday 29 October Combined Principals Day –

Theme Vision 2020


8.30 – Registrations - Tea and Coffee available
9.00 – Welcome by Jaco
9.10 – John O’Neill
10.00 – Gary Punler
10.45 – Morning Tea
11.05 – Ian Lees-Galloway (20 min)
Anna Hamer-Adams (20 min)
Carmel Sepuloni (20 min)
Panel Discussion
12.20 – Sponsors spot
12.30 Lunch
1.15 Rhythm Interactive
2.00 Perry Rush