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    One of the seven Leadership roles from Tū Rangatira (p14)
    "The kaikötuituikaikötuitui leadership role
    Central to kaikötuituikaikötuitui leadership is
    addition, the kaikötuituikaikötuitui role has
    It is our hope that through this project and this wiki, this aspect of leadership can be grown and utilised more effectively.
    This wiki was set up to support the leaders of schools involved in network learning communities, a project set up to support schools as they work towards implementing the NZ Curriculum. Anyone is free to visit the wiki and read all about our work, but you need to be a member of one of these clusters if you want to contribute.
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  1. page Chat edited 2012 {pohutukawastrip.jpg} February 14th Hello to all. This year the PLD horizons seem a …

    Hello to all.
    This year the PLD horizons seem a little less defined for many of you but I am really keen to offer you support that will help you to address the teaching and learning needs of your schools. I am not constrained by MoE contracts now so can really tailor a programme to your specific needs, or the needs of a group of schools wishing to cluster. On top of the in-school potential, I will also be developing courses and workshops during the year as opportunities arise.
    To show you what I have to offer, I have created a blog which will allow me to update these offerings during the year - (Hear the Bell :). The PLD opportunities are on the tabs across the top and these will be added to as new needs are identified.
    I am working in a couple of areas that may be new to you this year, as well as what you will already know me for. For information, see the website
    Special Needs Education - these students are in the targeted 20% of students who are 'underserved by the system' and will be under the microscope this year
    Teaching as Inquiry - understand the impact of your teaching and demonstrate the difference you are making to learning
    Web based strategies to improve learning
    Implementing NZC in your school
    I am happy to talk to you about these concepts, all of which are flexible in delivery approach to suit your school's needs.
    I trust you had your well deserved break and managed to get enough vitamin D from what little sunshine we had to offer. And for the farmers, I know you will have enjoyed the relaxed feeling created by all that rain. I've attached a wee poem for you just in case you're feeling too content.
    {Hanrahan - (Word).doc}
    Looking forward to making contact again soon.
    Cheers, Heather

    Happy New Year all - hope you found somewhere dry to bring in the new year and weren't washed away.
    national testing.
    Keep on enjoying your break.
    Cheers, Heather
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