Feel free to add here any tips you have discovered, large or small, that make it easier for you to use the wiki.

Tutorials from wikispaces

Here are several good, basic, short videos for those of you who want to learn how to contribute to the regional wiki, or create your own wikis

Google Maps

  1. sign into Google maps (you'll need to get yourself an account)
  2. click on My Maps
  3. Create New Map
  4. Give it a title and description - click 'done'
  5. click 'edit' - you'll now get a tool bar to allow you to put markers on the page
  6. search for the address of the school you want to tag - GMaps will put the marker on the page for you
  7. click on the marker and it will come up with a box of info
  8. click on 'save to' and choose the name of the map you want this to be saved to
  9. At the top of the page there is a 'view map' icon, click that to return to your map.
  10. add all your schools ...
  11. on the top right hand side of the page is a 'link' button. Click
  12. If you want to make your map larger or smaller go to the 'customize and preview embedded map link', otherwise just copy the embed code
  13. go to the page you want the map on and find the widget tab (or similar if you're not using wikis)
  14. map
  15. paste the code in the box
  16. save!


Having trouble with loading files or completing tables?
If Wikispaces is playing silly games and not letting you load a file, try using another browser. For example, sometimes it doesn't like Chrome, so I save the page, and then use Firefox or Explorer to try the same thing. Almost always this will work.
The same goes if the cells on the tables are not staying put. When you write on them and then save, they will often disconnect the last few cells and make separate tables which looks awful. Answer? Save the page and try using another browser.

Can't see the edit button?

If you cannot see the edit button then you are simply not logged in. You will see the word 'guest' written where your name should be in the top right of the wiki page (the picture has heatherbell there) and instead of sign out, you'll have sign in.

Wiki basics 101

This short video explains the basics of writing on a wiki as well as showing you how they are a helpful tool. The instructions are the same for this Wikispaces environment - Edit, Write, Save.

Inserting a Table of Contents

A table of contents is a useful navigation tool for larger pages. Any words in there are linked to the titles on the page. As well as giving you an overview of the page, if you click on the heading and it will take you straight to that part of the page which saves you having to scroll down to look for it.

To add a table of contents to your page,
  • First place the cursor at the top of the page on an empty line. Make sure the editing bar at the top of the page has the word 'normal' in it - if it doesn't, click in that box and change it.
  • Use the square brackets key and insert two square brackets then type in toc (for table of contents), then finish with the two square brackets again .
    When you save, this will generate a table of contents on the right of your page which will include all the headings you have on your page.
  • If you want a heading inside the toc, highlight the words, go to the tool bar and click in the box that says 'normal'. find the heading size you want - each on will be smaller than the last, and indented from the last one.