Please tell us about the steps you are taking within your clusters to meet the national goal of Maori achieving education success as Maori

Liz Harrison's Presentations

Check out Liz's page on the wiki to see the presentations that she and Kareen gave to our final NLLC hui. Their workshop truly made us think about strategies and justifications for the work we do to engage our Maori learners, and to help us to find out what it really means to be successful "As Māori". Consider the way Wendy and Phil made use of Liz's model to engage their community - a very different community, but the outcomes in both were stunning. Well done, and thanks for sharing.

Here are the comments you made from Liz's workshop about engaging your Māori community. The document with these comments on is on the workshops page if you want to print it off.

What do we need to do to engage our whānāu, hapu and iwi?
  • Communicate with them
  • Individual conversations – recognising strengths
  • Familiar situation for them – less threatening, safe environment
  • Good kai
  • Involve tamariki
  • Celebrate
  • Value contributions/knowledge
  • Follow-up
  • Relevant learning experiences that empower and promote curiosity
  • Change perceptions of school environment
  • History of the place and the people from the context of who we are and what legacy do we want to leave behind
  • Listening to the stories – valuing the story tellers
  • About knowing all people and who they are, whoever they are, valuing who they are
  • Being proud of our bicultural heritage as New Zealanders
  • Relationships
  • Making connections
  • Get them in the gate – go to whānau
  • Ask not tell – ownership
  • Find a forum
  • Find a link
  • Have marae visits
  • Trying to find out what marae children belong to
  • Visit trustee meetings of local marae
  • Network at this kind of meeting helps make conncetions
  • No community support as no Māori at school
  • School activity pipihanga – mihi
  • Staff PD on marae
  • Challenging relationship with marae right next door
  • $$ to find resource people
  • Visit homes
  • Sports – cover fees/buy shoes
  • Welcome environment
  • Sports field conference
  • Celebration
  • School to be a place of celebration
  • “Ring home with good news”
  • Sharing day – learning
  • Coffee club – get to know whanau kids – build relationships – “How’s your dog today?”
  • Whakatauki to start school day – Kanohi Kit e Kanahi – phone calls
  • Deck talks
  • Car park talks
  • Powhiri

Whanau Day at Maraekakaho

Some of you were lucky enough to hear from Phil and Wendy about their work this year. This Prezie about the whanau day they held this month is worth viewing. Another perspective on the work that Liz is doing but with a very different audience. Well done MKK. Click on the image to go to their Prezie.

Waananga Day at Hawera

What an opportunity to have a diverse group of school community together to review "success for Maori as Maori".

The focus of the day was "raising awareness and knowledge that contribute to success for Maori in the education sector. Our target audience was local schools and particularly those within our cluster.
We wanted to hear about experiences of Maori in the school system.
  1. Was it positive?
  2. What contributed to success or failure?
  3. Did you feel culturally empowered?
  4. What would you like to see changed to enable success for Maori as Maori?

In order to do this we had a panel discussion with students from the High School and whanau members who were willing to share their experiences. This was very empowering for them as well as staff.
I will continue to add to this!!!

Panel Discussion

Here are some audio recordings of the panel discussion speakers. Liz, can you put names to these please?
It appears that the cuts between each speaker have shifted so sorry that there may be a bit of overlap at the beginning / cuts at the ends. Blame it on the MacBook.
Let me know if you can't make them work, you may need to download some codecs to make them work for you.
Cheers, Heather

Whaea Janine Maruera - parent

Matua Andy Maruera - parent

Whaea Hinerangi Edwards - parent

Whaea Hineara Parata - kuia

Hawera HS Student

Te Aoterangi Maruera -
Hawera HS senior student

Chance (?) Hawera HS junior Student

I have just collated all the evidence etc - wow what a mission but some very interesting conclusions.

Cluster Meetings

(transferred from the chat page)
Hi All
We (Conquering the Mountain - Taranaki) met yesterday to look at our Maori success goal and had a really good meeting. It was interesting to find that we were all at a similar point on the MGF - 3.2. One of our leaders has recently worked in the experienced principals programme and had identified Maori success as one of her goals and she has been working on this for about a year now. At our next meeting, she is going to share her school's journey and the school outcomes that were generated with us. What she told us about her findings about Maori learning made us see the value and importance of this goal, rather than it being merely a MoE requirement. We are also going to utilise the resources off this site - Promoting Success for Maori Students (ERO report) and Colleen Douglas's Ka Hikitia presentation from earlier this year. At the end of this session we will set individual school goals to promote Maori success so we can share and discuss our findings.
Our next meeting is not till August so I'd be really interested to hear what others are doing in this area.
Looking forward to the discussions.
Cheers, Jan.