2010 Clusters

What does the Network Learning Communities work look like in 2010?
NLCs in 2010 will support schools as they give effect to the NZC and
o use the National Standards as reference points to guide school curriculum development and/or
o further develop secondary curriculum, teaching and assessment practices to strengthen effective learning pathways for students.
· NLCs may be of different kinds. For example, they may be led by principals, school leaders or specialists in learning areas. However, they will be structured, focused and supported to give effect to the NZC, and especially to school curriculum development. NLCs will use the National Standards or secondary assessment practices, as appropriate, to gather data to inform school curriculum development consistent with the NZC.
· Sector (NLC) leaders will be supported with information to lead the implementation of the NZC, and with strategies and advice to effectively facilitate their NLC.

1. NLCs:
§ can be an established or new NLC;
§ participating schools need to appoint a leader whose school will also be the fund-holder;
§ participants are leaders within their schools who will or are leading New Zealand Curriculum implementation;
§ funding allocation is $4,000.00;
§ spending of the funding is negotiated within the NLC;
§ each NLC will receive support and guidance from an adviser; and
§ the NLC will need to establish and implement an action plan; and
§ provide feedback/reports on progress.
We have space for five more network learning communities, If you, or leaders and/or teachers in your school, are interested, or you know other shools that might be interested please let us know. s.y.geddes@massey.ac.nz

We look forward to working with you.

Stephanie Geddes, Ken Kilpin and Heather Bell