Using online tools to support moderation.

I've been playing with Google Docs lately to see how teachers can use this platform to build their understanding of what the the levels of literacy look like (exemplars) and to help moderate student writing. Here are some examples that schools have been playing with, but there is still a lot of work needed to make this effective. Some schools are giving it a go now which is great as every time they use it, they become more familiar with strategies for improving its effectiveness.
Have a look at these in the meantime and try your hand at editing if you want.
One school wants to be able to 'doodle' on images of children's writing which is problematic in GD so i've attempted to do it with the images feature.

Here's the same piece of writing but inside a conventional google doc

Another option is to rewrite the story, or use digital versions which can become Google Docs anyway. Issues here are about whether the computer has assisted the writing or not. And a challenge to our thinking, does this really impact on the level?
Here's an example of this in practice

This page is for anyone who would like to put some of their student work up (anonymously please) and invite others to try to place it in relation to the National Standards. When looking at the student's work, have the literacy progressions or the reading, writing and mathematics standards in front of you. Look at the work, and try to identify the features in it that relate to the standards. Share your opinions, in writing or record your voice, about where this student is working, and this will help us to build up our understanding of the moderation process. There are no right or wrong answers, just steps towards building better professional knowledge.
Hope to see a page full really soon.

This voicethread shows writing examples from a range of students from a small school. We have said which year they were, so we ask you to look at their writing and use the writing standards to think about what the evidence is saying. Has the student met, exceded or not met the standard? See if you can identify the evidence that makes you think this.

This student was asked to solve a selection of numeracy problems. The student was a year 3. We have given you the question they were asked and their response so we ask you to look at their answer and use the maths standards to think about what the evidence is saying. Has the student met, exceded or not met the standard? Tell us why you think this.