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Te Pātaka Matihiko Diginews
Te Pātaka Matihiko Diginews

Vol - | 30 Jun 2011

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Digistore-What's new?

Ngā Mīharotanga o te Ao: hū puia - This interactive flash file supports students to build a script about volcanic eruptions for a television show. This is a Māori medium resource with an English language equivalent.

Te hanga ture: whakarite kia tōkeke - In this interactive flash game, students test the design of a simple soccer game, and consider the effects of introducing new playing conditions such as changing the ball size. This is a Māori medium resource with an English language equivalent.

Tūrama, kāmera, timata - This interactive flash activity allows students to learn about the use of camera, lighting and sound when making a film. This is a Māori medium resource with an English language equivalent.

image of Kowae Ako 1
image of Kowae Ako 1
Image of Nga Miharotanga.
Image of Nga Miharotanga.

Featured content

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori - language learning in focus

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori begins on the 4th July. The theme is Manaakitanga.
'"Manaakitanga" is a very important tenet of Māori custom and identity, that has, I believe, positively influenced notions of good old ‘Kiwi’ hospitality. At its core manaakitanga is about how we make people feel welcome when they are in our company, and how we give regard to and care for others when hosting visitors'
Kōrero Māori Chief Executive, Glenis Philip-Barbara.
Visit the Digistore wiki to find a range of digital content and learning paths to support te reo Maori.
Learning paths have also been shared below:
Marae noho
- Digital resources have also been identified and organised in this learning path to support further exploration in response to the marae noho. They include resources from Digistore and other digital collections.
Te Tiriti o Waitangi
- This building was erected in the grounds of the Treaty House at Waitangi to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. This learning path collates resources around the Treaty and its locaton in New Zealand landscape and history.
external image Owae%20Marae.jpg
image of the interior of Treaty House.
image of the interior of Treaty House.

Using digital content wiki update

ESOL Update

Support for ESOL teachers is now available on the digistore wiki. Content has been organised under curriculum areas, details of skill development (reading, writing, listening or listening) and suggested ELLP level.

Further sources update

The additional sources collection in Digistore continues to be updated with a recent link in theMathematics and Statistics section to over 20 interactive activities from Statistics New Zealand. They have been graded into curriculum levels to help teachers identify which games are most appropriate for their students.

New user guide

The new user guide is designed to support teachers in creating learning paths and effectively using the site.

What's current...

Effective pedagogy

Teacher Registration Criteria resource

The Registered Teacher Criteria wiki has been developed by the national digi advisors to help teachers identify how e-learning practices relate to the Registered Teacher Criteria. There is a page for each of the twelve criteria with suggestions on how teachers could be demonstrating they are meeting the criteria through the use of e-learning. Teachers and schools could use this resource in a number of ways;
  • it could help them to identify how their current practice in e-learning relates to the criteria
  • it can provide examples of how other educators are using e-learning in relation to the criteria to teacher practice and set goals
  • it can be used by school leaders to identify goals related to the criteria which incorporate e-learning.

Literacy progressions and learning paths

E-learning Bay of Plenty was established to support e-learning leaders in each of their schools, so in turn they will effectively support staff in their own school. As part of the project, several learning paths have been created recently, and added to the Literacy Learning Progressions and ICT wiki. Select the relevant progression and year level to access these resources.

What's happening in school

A group of eight enthusiastic Ashburton teachers have volunteered to be part of a focus group working with a digi advisor to explore ways ICT tools can be used to enhance curriculum outcomes. The participants include a primary, four intermediate and three secondary teachers. This term, the teachers have attended a full day meeting and are identifying a curriculum focus area that is an area of need for their students. They will put together an action plan to address this need using a digital tool as part of a teacher inquiry. The group have a community on the VLN to share their thoughts and progress. This will be made public at the end of the process to share their findings with the wider educational community.
image of teachers using digistore resources.
image of teachers using digistore resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I efficiently search for content in Digistore?
What are some good search tips?
A section dedicated to search tips has been added to the FAQ section of the wiki.
In this section you will find a power-point and a pdf containing strategies to support you in finding the resources that you are looking for. Strategies include: using the advanced search, accessing the learning area catalogues and browsing by topic.
image of Search Tip 4.
image of Search Tip 4.

=New Zealand Digital Collections=

Image from the wiki on supporting students to analyse primary sources.
Image from the wiki on supporting students to analyse primary sources.

This Google presentation has been created to explore strategies and resources for teaching and learning with primary sources. It also includes:* strategies to support students to analyse primary sources
  • support for using analysis tools and Google docs for collaboration
  • links to Google research and search tools for locating and organising data and information
  • support for creating and integrating Learning Paths in Digistore.


Online Snacks

Online snacks is a new professional development opportunity for schools or groups of teachers to develop confidence in locating and organising resources from the Digistore site. A new page on the wiki outlines the workshop sessions available.
Book now...
teacher working with students on a camera project.

ULearn 2011


19th-21th October

ULearn is a highly relevant, inclusive, and practical conference that effectively and directly applies to teaching and learning environments.

ULearn logo.
ULearn logo.

MADE Awards 2011

Image of MADE Awards logo 2011.
Image of MADE Awards logo 2011.
Closing Entry date - 4pm, Monday 3rd October, 2011 (Term 3, Week 10)

Entry Fee: $10 for Movie categories and $4 for photo sections
The Made Awards have received sponsorship this year from Noel Leeming and support from the team at Weta Workshop. There are now 13 iPads and numerous HD digital cameras for the winners.
Schools that enter have a marking criteria for Commercial, Music Video, Story Telling and Documentary categories.



EducampNZ is a user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning and education.We're all about growing our learning, networking, and, of course, having fun! Everyone is invited to participate in some way.
  • EduCampTaiTokerau: St. Francis Xavier Catholic School Whangarei, Saturday 2nd July, 10am-3pm
  • EduCampAKL: Epsom Girls Grammar, Saturday 6th August, 10am - 3pm
  • EduCampBOP: Bethlehem College, Tauranga Saturday 13th August, 10am-3pm
  • EduCampDunners: St Clair School, Saturday 27th August, 10am -3pm