Coastal Cluster

Table of Contents

Napier Coastal Cluster

Focus of the work
Evidence of the impact
Monitoring the Shifts
Leadership: Developing ’critical collaboration’
Formalising our meeting structure
Critical conversations
Bringing in outside speakers
Agreed protocols for structure and collaboration
Meeting evaluation format used in May and term 4 meeting
Ka Hikitea : Effective Teaching for maori Learners.

Effective Parent,whanau and iwi engagement
Maori success as Maori
A clear majority of maori learners are directly involved in and take responsibility for leading their own learning.
Developing Effectiveness
3 Way conferences – rubric to monitor student confidence in discussion –student voice ( voice threads)

(Measurable Gains Framework)
Self Review
Conversations are more critically reflective.
Develop a framework for each school
As per meeting template
Strengthen our moderation processes
Sharing examples of moderation willingly
Outside advisor