Table of Contents

2010 hui planning

Sector Leader Development Day

9:00am Welcome and outcomes for the day/questions/what’s on top (Ken)

9:30am Reporting, evaluation, nature of adviser support, Monitoring visit (Steph)

10:00am Wiki (Heather)

10:30am AM Tea

10:50am Wiki

11:30am Leadership Activity (Carmel)

Activity Leadership of curriculum implementation

In pairs read pages (group 1) 9 to 11, (group 2) 11 to 14, (group 3) 14 to 16, all read page 17 of ERO Preparing to give Effect to NZC.

Handout pages 21 to 24 for discussion.


What is effective sector leadership? Brainstorm criteria.

12:30pm Lunch

1:00pm Curriculum On-line to support student agency, community engagement, and principles, values, key competencies (All)

Activity Curriculum On-line search

In pairs search for one question:
    1. How have schools involved students in curriculum design?
    2. How have schools engaged their communities effectively?
    3. What examples can you find of schools utilising principles, values and key competencies in their school based curriculum?

Produce a plan for your next NLC meeting using the sites/links you have found (learning pathway). Share

2:00pm THE BIG QUESTION - a possible model for addressing this big question… (All)

How do we use the learning areas (other than English and Maths) of the NZC to help us make accurate overall teacher judgements in relation to the National Standards?

Resources: NZC, National Standards, Literacy Progressions, exemplars, example of student work

3:00pm Evaluation and close (Ken)